Step 1
Register with T20 Pro:Am
To #bepartofit in 2018, register yourself for the T20 Pro:Am Draft by visiting the and fill out all your details. Ensure you select the tournament you wish to register for and provide links to your playing stats. The more information you provide, the better the chance you have of being drafted.
Step 2
Registrations Close
At midnight on June 1st, registrations for the 2018 edition of T20 Pro:Am will close. Be sure to register your details before the deadline to #bepartofit. Once registrations close, all team owners and head coach's will receive a full list and details of each player who has registered, to begin their preparation the tournament Draft Night.
Step 3
Draft Night
Each individual tournament will host its own T20 Pro:Am Draft Night to determine the make up of each squad. Teams will be assigned International Legends and Professionals prior to the evening and will be announced on the night. The sequence of League Player Draft picks will be allocated to Team owners before the evening. Teams will only have 60 seconds on the clock to make their selections meaning the pressure is really on! *All information regarding the individual tournaments can be found on their relevant pages.
Step 4
Training Sessions & Player Support
Once you've been drafted, we will treat you like a professional. You'll be put through your paces by our Strength & Conditioning partners. You'll be given expert nutrition advice to make sure you'll be at your best on Finals Day. And you'll have access to top quality Physiotherapists to keep on top of any niggles. You'll also be part of skills training sessions with your team leading up to the big day that are held at the T20 Pro:Am Finals Day venues. *All information regarding the individual tournaments can be found on their relevant pages.
Step 5
Finals Day
This is your chance to showcase your skills on the big stage! Competition will be fierce but it will be an amazing experience and one you will never forget. For the lucky few, an eye catching performance could land you a professional contract and a career in cricket. Good luck!